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        Contact address: No. 68, Wenzhou Road, building No. six

        Product details

        TD series of catalytic cracking additives
        Is the auxiliary catalyst provided by our company for the catalytic cracking unit of the refining enterprise. The aim is to use different functional catalytic additives according to the needs of each enterprise to improve the product distribution, improve the octane number, reduce the coke, desulfurization, Increase the production of propylene and other purposes. among them:
        - TD-CRA Reducing Catalytic Cracking Coke Yield Additives: Reducing the amount of coke generated by catalytic cracking units and improving the catalytic cracking system environment;
        - TD-SRA Catalytic Cracking Gasoline Desulfurization Additive: Reduce the total sulfur content of petrol in FCC plants and improve the quality of FCC gasoline products;
        - TD-815 Catalytic Cracking Octane Additives: Improving the octane number of FCC gasoline without changing the distribution of catalytic cracking products;
        - TD-816 Propylene auxiliaries to increase the propylene content in liquefied petroleum gas without increasing the yield of catalytic cracking liquefied gas;
        - TD-817 heavy oil catalytic cracking additives: to improve the catalytic cracking catalyst activity, reduce the catalytic cracking slurry yield, increase the yield of light oil.
        - TD-818 Catalytic Cracking Sulfur Transfer Auxiliaries: Reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from flue gas in catalytic cracking units and improve the environment.
         TD series of catalytic cracking additives typical quality indicators
        project unit Quality Index
        Na2O % (m/m) ≯0.3
        Pore volume ml/g ≮0.25
        Specific surface area m²/g ≮280
        Apparent bulk density g/ml 0.65~0.85
        Wear index %h-1(m/m) ≯1.5
        Particle size distribution
        ~40µm, %(v/v)             ≯20
        ~149µm, %(v/v) ≮90
        Note: The model indicators to the specific indicators of each product shall prevail